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The Meadoway:
Awards & Recognition

The 17th Global Forum on Human Settlements: Award

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is proud to announce that The Meadoway has won an award for Global Model of Ecological Restoration and Protection, presented by the Global Forum on Human Settlements for Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards in 2022.

A total of 22 well-known organizations and individuals from all over the world were honored with the award, and “The Meadoway: an excellent ecological restoration project in Toronto, Canada” was among those recognized for outstanding practices and innovations promoting sustainable cities and human settlements.

The Meadoway: Publications

Enhanced Hydrological Regulating Services by Meadow Restoration Supported by Rainfall Simulation Tests
University of Toronto Civil and Mineral Engineering – April 13, 2022
One possible outcome of meadow restoration efforts in The Meadoway may be an improvement in the hydrological regulating service provided by the ecosystem along the hydro corridor. This report presents the methodology and results of rainfall simulation tests used to further explore the role of vegetation on infiltration and water balances.

The Meadoway Performance Assessment Project: A Systematic Review of Evaluation Methods for Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Greenspace
University of Toronto Civil and Mineral Engineering – February 13, 2021
This report presents a systematic review to reveal the ecosystem services (ESs) provided by urban greenspace, their key performance indicators (KPIs), and the methods used to monitor them. This review aims to find ESs possibly delivered by The Meadoway, as well as KPIs and corresponding monitoring methods used to quantify/qualify these ESs to aid the establishment of an evaluation project for The Meadoway.

The Meadoway: in the News

This is How Toronto’s Massive 16 km Linear Park Will Look When It’s Finished
blogTO – January 30, 2022
This post provides an update on the progress of The Meadoway project, including the commencement of construction at Highland Creek and restoration advancements.

City of Toronto Announces ActiveTO Weekend Locations for August 28 and 29
City of Toronto News Release – August 27, 2021
This City of Toronto announcement about Active TO weekend plans mentions The Meadoway as a destination for people to safely get outside and exercise.

Pandemic Walk: Scarborough Hydro Corridor
NOW – April 23, 2021
A trail-user’s-eye-view of the Scarborough Centre Butterfly Trail: “This hassle-free 45-minute walk in the middle of Scarborough will only get nicer as the Meadoway takes shape.”

City of Toronto Investing $82.5 million in Toronto’s Ravine Strategy
City of Toronto News Release – April 22, 2021
The City of Toronto’s announcement of investment into the Toronto Ravine Strategy references The Meadoway as a key partnership that will advance planning and activation in Toronto ravines.

The Top 20 Walks in Toronto
NOW – April 8, 2021
The Meadoway makes NOW’s ranking of best places to enjoy Toronto’s parks and recreation on foot.

Where Do We Go From Here? #RealScarborough’s Future is in Your Hands – December 28, 2020
In an article encouraging social media users to use the hashtag #RealScarborough to shine a positive light on the city, The Meadoway is mentioned as an example of Scarborough’s natural beauty.