Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our team runs high-energy, engaging workshops and events for community groups and the general public.

If you are nature lover, local community member, post-secondary instructor, or are interested in The Meadoway project in any capacity, we would love to meet you!

community group tours The Meadoway with TRCA staff member

Choose from these options:

1. Book a talk!
TRCA staff will visit your group or organization to explain why The Meadoway matters and how it will enhance the landscape for plants, people, and wildlife. We can cater talks for adults, post-secondary students, or for families with children.

2. Book a visit to The Meadoway!
Request a group site visit to see this restoration project in action, pending staff availability. Groups can come on a guided tour of a site in The Meadoway, or participate in an enhancement activity such as a cleanup, invasive species removal or wildflower planting.

To schedule a talk or visit, please contact us at

Check out the gallery below to see highlights from our community outreach events.