Public Access Map

Public Access Map

Find your way to #mymeadoway

This comprehensive map is designed to assist trail users by showcasing the existing multi-use trail locations throughout the Gatineau Hydro Corridor, as well as suggesting detours around sections that are still under construction.

Once The Meadoway is completed, this 16 km continuous multi-use trail will connect the Don River to Rouge National Urban Park without ever having to leave nature.

As we continue to implement the trail, we will be updating the map regularly to reflect the completed and opened sections. Our goal is to make the map as user-friendly as possible.

We warmly welcome your valuable feedback to improve the map’s functionality and usefulness to the user experience. Share your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts with us at

Looking for a family-friendly activity to enjoy while exploring The Meadoway? Download and play our Scavenger Hunt!


For full Google Maps functionality, click on the expansion button at the top right of the toolbar on the map display to be prompted to use Google Maps. Once you have the Public Access Map loaded on your Google Maps app or web browser, you can see yourself in relation to The Meadoway Public Access Map and guide yourself through the trail.

Completed Trail:   blue line

Suggested Detour:   yellow line