Q: What is The Meadoway?
A: The Meadoway is the name given to a new initiative in Scarborough to revitalize the 500 acres and 16 linear kilometers of hydro corridor between the Don River Ravine and Rouge National Urban Park.

Q: Where exactly is The Meadoway in Toronto?
A: The Meadoway is in the east end of the city and will run across Scarborough between the new East Don Trail in the Don River ravine to the main trails in Rouge National Urban Park while also connecting to the Highland Creek ravine system in Morningside Park. A map of The Meadoway can be found here.

Q: When did work start on The Meadoway?
A: Work began in the hydro corridor in 2012 when two pilot projects were undertaken funded by the Weston Family Parks Challenge. Approximately 100 acres have already been revitalized with meadow habitat, a multi-use trail and urban gardens.

Q: What will happen after The Meadoway launch announcement?
A: The Meadoway is estimated to take seven years to implement fully. Following the announcement on April 11 th , 2018 we will be announcing opportunities for the community to become involved in creating The Meadoway. To learn more about these opportunities and to stay connected on all correspondence, we welcome you to sign up on the website at www.themeadoway.ca.

Q: What will happen to the hydro towers?
A: The hydro towers will remain in The Meadoway, as they deliver essential power requirements for the City of Toronto. The multi-use trails, high-functioning meadow habitat, and urban agriculture opportunities will transform what was once known as an area used for energy transmission into a place that connects natural areas and redefines the connection between the built structure of a city and natural spaces.

Q: Are there health risks to being in the hydro corridor?
A: The City of Toronto conducted a comprehensive study in 2008 that focused on the human health impacts of transmission corridors. The results of the study indicated that conducting typical recreational activities in the corridor is safe.

Q: Is it safe to be in The Meadoway at night?
A: No matter where you are, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. The Meadoway is no different than any of our ravine systems at night. Similar to the ravines, these areas are unlit and it is recommended to use them during daylight so that you can navigate the multi-use trails safely.

Q: Who will oversee the maintenance of The Meadoway
A: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) will work with City of Toronto staff to lead the maintenance of The Meadoway including aspects that relate to the trails, meadowlands, urban agriculture sites, and litter removal in these areas.

Q: What about invasive species?
A: TRCA will intensively monitor and manage invasive species in The Meadoway by using best practices for meadow management that includes spot treatments and regular health assessments.

Q: Who owns the land that The Meadoway is on?
A: The Province of Ontario owns the land and it is managed by Hydro One Networks Inc. (HONI) for power transmission. TRCA and the City of Toronto have an agreement with (HONI) to develop The Meadoway.

Q: Isn’t there already a path along the corridor?
A: The City of Toronto has been developing the trail in sections along the corridor but it is not connected. The Meadoway will utilize these sections of trail and build a full connection across the 16 km and 500 acre area, which will successfully allow people to travel from downtown Toronto to Rouge National Urban Park without leaving the natural environment

Q: Will there be safe crossings for the roads that intersect The Meadoway?
A: Yes, safety will be of utmost concern as the path is connected across The Meadoway. All major roadways will include signalized crossings, with smaller streets utilizing a variety of traffic management techniques.

Q: How long will it take to complete The Meadoway?
A: There is an approximate seven-year timeline from now to completion. More details will be shared as master planning gets underway.

Q: What is the total amount of funding that the project requires? Has it all been raised?
A: The project has a total budget of $85 million with nearly 40% raised to date.

Q: How much investment has The W. Garfield Weston Foundation made to the project?
A: The W. Garfield Weston Foundation has pledged up to $25 million in support with an initial commitment of $10 million announced at the launch event on April 11, 2018. Previously, the Foundation supported the first two pilot projects in The Meadoway with a contribution of $400,000.

Q: How much investment has the city made to the project?
A: The City has committed $6.3 million in its capital budget to continue connecting the trail. The City has also committed to continued maintenance once the trail system has been established.

Q: Can I donate to help with the implementation of The Meadoway?
A: Yes! Toronto and Region Conservation Foundation works with TRCA to raise funds to help support The Meadoway. If you would like to donate, please visit: https://thelivingcity.org/?portfolio=themeadoway.

Q: How can I stay updated on the progress of The Meadoway and get involved?
A: To learn more about the next steps for implementing The Meadoway, visit www.themeadoway.ca and sign up to receive email updates and learn about upcoming community participation opportunities.