The Meadoway Schools Program

Meadoway Resources for Schools

The Meadoway Schools Program is not currently running, but free e-learning resources are available. All you have to do is sign up below!

E-learning Resources:

Kindergarten: Students will “become” the animals of The Meadoway through an interactive program.

Grades 1 to 6: Students will become Meadoway tour guides in their own homes!

The Meadoway e-Learning resource for kindergarten
The Meadoway e-Learning resource for grades 1 to 6

When registering for resources, choose whichever date pops up. You are welcome to use your school board’s address in filling out fields.

To connect with a Meadoway educator, please send us an email!

PLEASE NOTE: The program outlined below is unavailable at this time due to COVID-19 related restrictions. We look forward to resuming in-person programming in the future!

Hundreds of students and teachers along the corridor are helping to bring nature back to their neighbourhoods. You can too!

In The Meadoway’s three-phase, curriculum-linked schools program, students grow native plants in their classrooms, take part in an in-school interactive learning experience, and take class field trips to The Meadoway to support restoration and stewardship activities.

students on field trip to The Meadoway

Canadian newcomers will also be engaged in The Meadoway through education programs in nearby English as a Second Language schools.

To participate in The Meadoway Schools program, please contact us at

Here’s how The Meadoway Schools Program works:



In the winter, classes receive a Grow Kit to help grow plants from seed. Classroom teachers and their students are responsible for planting and caring for the seeds/seedlings.

trowel and soil



In the spring, our team visits the school to build upon the plant-growing experience. Through games and activities, students learn more about The Meadoway and its importance.

If a school is interested, we can help coordinate a planting in the schoolyard using some of the plants grown in the classroom, or we can transplant seedlings into larger pots to encourage continued growth in the classroom.

This session takes place both indoors and outdoors, and lasts about an hour.

wildflower blooms in meadow



Students enjoy a field trip to The Meadoway to get their hands dirty planting classroom-grown plants and participate in a variety of nature-based activities.

The entire field trip takes place outdoors, and is 1.5 to two hours in length

Upon completion of the field trip, students will have a personal connection to this unique space and are encouraged to visit with family and friends to share all that they have learned about The Meadoway!

school group on field trip to The Meadoway